Saturday, December 07, 2019

Money, Time, Manpower – Stinginess With a Tiny Slice May Cost You the Entire Expat Pie

Any cost-conscious organization sending employees abroad needs to be prudent and justify all the expenses of an expatriate assignment. Smart organizations know that a small percentage of the overall expat management cost protects their investment in global talent. International employee relocations can fail for various reasons: A company may have chosen the wrong team member for the […]


Foreign General Liability Insurance

As the number of people moving outside their home country increases the need to minimize international exposures has never been more critical. In response, it is vital to obtain international coverage to protect against the many risks that these exposures present. There is no reason not to have this type of insurance once you have […]

US Citizen Travel to the USA

by Francois du Toit, Expatriate Specialist: Insurance Are you in that awkward position of having been gone from the US and are returning for a visit? If you have been in this nomadic lifestyle and no longer call the USA home but are a citizen of the United States and need to come back for […]

Rental Car Insurance Abroad (R-CIA)

by Andrew Jernigan: Expatriate Specialist: Insurance I spent several years in with Enterprise Rent-a-Car before beginning my travels and work internationally. Having rented cars around the world and worked with those who have I’ve gained experience to share with you. Note, it’s always good to have an international drivers license. Are you Renting a Car? […]