Expatriate Specialist Bio: Andrew Jernigan

Insurance/Travel Risk Management

 J. Andrew Jernigan, GMS® is a strategic, multidisciplinary networker and creative thinker that has lived on multiple continents while raising three TCKs with his Brazilian wife. As an Expatriate Specialist in the areas of expatriate insurance and digital nomad insurance he is know as an insurtech pioneer. Subject matter expertise in crisis assistance, travel risk management and insurance (individual and group - health/medical plans, crisis assistance, life insurance, travel insurance, disability, kidnap/ransom/extortion, property, and casualty) has led to the reimagining how insurance is designed and delivered around the world. Helping brokers get contracted with int'l carriers is passion as well.

It was 1995 when he landed at Schiphol airport on a NorthWest Airlines flight through Minneapolis, MN in the winter. Snow covered the city that year and he was in love. The next year he traveled through Germany, Italy, Hungary and the UK. Later, living in Scotland and England, and touring other places in Europe he thought he would spend my life there until he discovered South America. Brazil captured a part of his heart, and Argentina couldn’t compete. Africa didn’t take long to pull at his heartstrings with Ghana and South Africa playing the longest notes. Asia took him by surprise in Thailand. The UAE played a delightful tone as well. Professionally, he has worked within the corporate and third-sector/non-profit realms in administration, hr, assistance/insurance and employee/service outsourcing. He is one of the founders of Insured Nomads, the first insurtech in health and security protection for remote workers, travelers and expats - started in 2019

If you are a broker and would like to get contracted, then do contact him. If you need a plan, he is the man, use the links below to get in touch with him.

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