Expatriate Specialist Bio: Chris O’Shaughnessy

Identity Culture

Christopher O’Shaughnessy is a passionate and versatile author and speaker who uses a unique blend of story-telling, humor, and provocative insight to engage a wide array of people on topics ranging from Third Culture Kids and the effects of globalization to building community and increasing empathy.


Chris’ book, Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between, has received high praise from students, teachers, and other experts in the TCK and international community as a resource that is both enjoyable to read at a student level, and able to instill truths, insights and skills essential to navigating life successfully as a TCK. It has also been used in teaching cross-cultural skills and instilling global awareness in a variety of disciplines at the college level and for businesses.


“Once, down a dark alleyway, a struggling TCK bumped into a mysterious Zen master, a grinning comedian, and an author of thrillers. That alleyway and those personas reside at O’Shaughnessy’s center... His tales make the theory live. Get ready to grab your seat to steady your heart, and to avoid falling over with laughter.” – Douglas W Ota - Author of Safe Passage: What Mobility Does to People & What International Schools Should Do About It

"I wish this book had been written when I was younger." – Ruth E. Van Reken Co-author, Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds

A variety of audiences respond to Chris’ engaging presentations ranging from pre-teens to adults across the globe – crowds large and small are drawn to Chris’ disarming humor and challenging insight. His ability to customize presentations to each group’s unique needs and culture has meant that international schools, colleges & universities, government agencies, charities, businesses, and organizations large and small have booked Chris to motivate, inspire, and broaden their understanding.

“Chris O’Shaughnessy spoke to our students and parents this fall and I would highly recommend him for all audiences... He was very well informed on all aspects of the subject of ‘third culture kids,’ was a superb speaker, humorous at the right times and in appropriate ways, and always able to get the key points across. Chris also did a very nice job of tailoring his presentations for younger students (middle school), older students (high school) and parents. The information he presented was very relevant to each audience. I received rave reviews from all groups he presented to – students, faculty, and parents.” – Gary Melton, Mont Kiara International School (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

Born in England as a military brat to American parents, Chris has lived and worked across the globe and to date has ventured to more than 100 countries. Tales from these experiences form part of the fabric of Chris’ engaging presentation and have helped shape Chris’ passion for helping the world benefit from the experience of expats, global nomads, and cross-cultural communities. The effects of globalization, technological advances, and rapidly changing sociological trends have presented the world with new challenges, but also new tools and possibilities at every level: from individuals to communities, from companies to countries.

Chris studied at Ridley Hall, Cambridge in the UK for a degree in partnership through Oxford Brookes University in Youth & Community Work & Applied Theology. He served as a Community Director in the UK and Middle East working with the US Military Chaplaincy for 8 years before becoming a full-time speaker.

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