Expatriate Specialist Bio: Christian Höferle

The Culture Guy

Christian Höferle is a cultural coach, trainer, and mentor for multinational organizations - or rather: for people who work globally. Based in Atlanta, he is German by passport, American by choice, Bavarian at heart, and people call him The Culture Guy.

His passion is to help people discover commonality when they are overwhelmed by difference. His mission is to create peace by facilitating understanding, relating, and connecting.

At the core of this purpose is culture and as he helps people figure out this “thing” called culture, they’ll work at their peak and in peace with others.
Throughout his career Christian has had the privilege of working with people from all over the world. With his company, The Culture Mastery, Christian, and his team serve multinational organizations achieve their goals in global markets. TCM does this via tailored coaching and training programs for expatriates as well as multicultural teams.

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