Expatriate Specialist Bio: Janaína Chezanoski

Immigration & Global Mobility (Brazil)

Janaína Chezanoski is Brazilian, and a Polish migrants descendant.

She is passionate about international relations, the area in which she earned a bachelor's degree.

Janaína migrated to the USA in 2003, where she did a university exchange and lived, worked and studied for 6 years, deepening her understand of culture. Fascinated by multiculturality and international law, she ended up specializing in the Global Mobility field.

For more than 6 years she has been responsible for the Global Mobility of a Norwegian oil and gas service company in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she coordinates immigratory issues, relocation, foreign flag endorsements and taxes related to expatriates.

Her work, passions, and hobbies are mixed among travel, cultures, law and social work.

In 2018 made her first social exchange program, spending time in Kumasi, Ghana volunteering in an orphanage, supporting children with special needs.

Nowadays her time is split between the challenges in the adaptation of the new Brazilian migration law in the offshore industry and in the study of the conditions of the refugee women in Brazil.

Speaks Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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