Expatriate Specialist Bio: Jennifer A. Patterson


Jennifer A. Patterson, CFP, CIMC, CIMA, TEP is a recognized wealth expert, speaker, and pioneer in cross-border wealth and life design. Author of Financial Planning for Global Living

American by birth, Jennifer has been married to her British/Bermudian husband and has lived abroad for over half her life. She has personal experience with the life and technical financial planning challenges for multinational families with US connections as her own children live with the opportunities and challenges presented by citizenship of three countries and related rights offered by one economic region.

Jennifer leads workshops online and around the world on topics relating to her belief that we all can consciously design a luxury lifestyle today in which we live, work, play and make a difference in more than one country. Jennifer’s mission is to help successful individuals figure out where they fit into the global opportunities of today and to demystify and simplify the complexities of international personal finance.

Specialties: foreign trusts with US beneficiaries, wealth structuring across borders, tax planning for multinational families with US connections, integrated life, and financial strategic planning.


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