Expatriate Specialist Bio: Rachel Pieh Jones

Expat Parenting

Rachael Pieh Jones has written for the New York Times, Family Fun, Brain, Child - The Magazine of Thinking Mothers, EthnoTraveler, the Desiring God blog, and Skirt and many more. She lives, writes, and runs in Djibouti with her husband and three children. She blogs at www.djiboutijones.com.

For anyone who struggles to learn language, for people overwhelmed by poverty or confused by the faith differences they encounter, for people in the throes of culture shock or trying to navigate work relationships while living abroad, this blog provides encouragement, inspiration, empathy, and community.

I have been an expatriate since 2003. I’ve studied four languages, lived on three continents, and raised three Third Culture Kids. I’m a runner and a writer and a witness. By witness, I mean I aim to observe beautiful, creative aspects of our world and call out the good in them.

Everything about me changed when I became an expatriate and I process a lot of it here. Hopefully, you’ll find something in my writings that makes you shout, “me, too!”

Check out Djiboutilicious, my award-winning cookbook. If you are moving or traveling to Djibouti, you’ll love the information and tips in Welcome to Djibouti.

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