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Introducing the outstanding book by Expatriate Specialist team member Rachel Pieh Jones



“A collection of reflections by global citizens who have difficulty answering where they or their offspring are from.”  –Rev. Taylor W Denyer; president and co-founder, Friendly Planet Missiology Tweet this

“Rachel has assembled a plethora of strong and capable voices, all of whom combine to describe and illuminate Third Culture Kids without pigeon-holing them.” Jonathan Trotter, editor at A Life Overseas, and pastoral care counselor Tweet this

“Finding Home is definitely a book to add to your TCK toolbox. Full of insight, diverse perspectives, and helpful inspiration, this book may create that lightbulb moment of understanding for you. If you are a TCK, a TCK parent, a TCK spouse, or someone wanting to understand and support a TCK, this book is for you.”  Danielle Wheeler, founder of Velvet Ashes Tweet this

I enjoyed the book and now have better insights into this life. Some of us are called to travel and others are not, but all of us are called to be sensitive and welcome each other and accept each other.” Barbara Joanne, grandmother of three TCKs Tweet this

Rachel Pieh Jones’ compilation of stories from all around the world is not only an engaging read but also a rich mosaic of the accounts of what it means to grow up abroad. TCKs (Third-Culture Kids inhabit a cross-cultural experience growing up in a land other than their parents’ home country of origin, but the term is much more than that—they not only live between worlds, their identity is grounded more amongst, within, and despite both places. Finding Home: Third Culture Kids in the World educates and shares through well-edited and absorbing prose the lives of those spent abroad, and what it was like for some to re-enter into the mainstream (typically Western) culture(s). What’s more, the eBook version provides numerous online links to bolster the readings and Jones offers questions and points to consider at the end of each chapter. Both TCKs looking for common ground as well as readers interested in cross-cultural practical life experience will discover a true delight with this fine collection. Daniel D. Maurer, Award-Winning Non-Fiction Author of Endure: The Power of Spiritual Assets for Resilience to Trauma & Stress (Mount Curve Press, 2017), Saint Paul, Minnesota

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