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Crisis Assistance is Required!

Those words are not what you want to hear, yet I’ve gotten the call asking for an urgent air evacuation.

Who are you going to call when you need to get out? Do you have the reserve funds for yourself, your family and your team to get out when needed?

Provider Recommendations

  1. CAP+Medical from FocusPoint International

  2. MedJet Horizon

  3. GlobalRescue

TOP Recommendation: INC (stands for Insured Nomads Community)

If you want to have crisis response without paying the extra $1000/year per person get a health insurance or travel insurance policy from Insured Nomads and you then get their INC membership comes with CARE (Crisis Assistance Response Evacuation). It’s a non-insured benefit program that includes airport lounge access, cybersecurity, evacuation and more saving you so much headache and much more value that a stand-alone membership for just evacuation. We recommend switching to them when you insurance policy renews so that you get their duty of care program. They have group plans for teams also with the risk management dashboard for check-in, tracking and push notification messaging.




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