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As the number of people moving outside their home country increases the need to minimize international exposures has never been more critical. In response, it is vital to obtain international coverage to protect against the many risks that these exposures present.

There is no reason not to have this type of insurance once you have read this and understand that you can get it. Let’s dive in to get a grasp of what additional cover it provides beyond your policies you have in place already.

What is Foreign General Liability Coverage?

General Liability – Third-Party Property Damage

Provides coverage for third-party bodily injury or property damage resulting from your operations. Pays for things like defense cost, expenses, and damages you are legally obligated to pay.

Products Liability – Coverage Jurisdiction

Provides coverage for third-party bodily injury or property damage caused by your products. Responds to suits brought anywhere in the world for losses that occur outside the United States.

Contingent Auto Liability – Difference in Limits

Contingent coverage for owned, non-owned, leased, or hired automobile accidents while using, hiring or maintaining vehicles abroad. Pays for things like third party claims, damage to a rented vehicle, or medical bills for injured passengers. A Foreign GL policy can provide contingent auto liability coverage outside of the U.S. with limits of US$1,000,000 per accident.

Property – Theft

Broad, all risk protection for physical operations outside the United States. A Foreign General Liability can respond to the loss of owned or leased equipment by theft under the Property Coverage form.

Kidnap & Extortion – Kidnapping

Provides and pays the cost of emergency response services for a kidnap or extortion even. Reimburses for the payment of a ransom or other expenses.  A Foreign General Liability policy responds to the cost associated with kidnap, extortion and detention events if employees or their families are kidnapped and provides valuable services of expert crisis management consultant.

Foreign Voluntary Compensation – State of Hire Benefits

Offers 24/7 protection for work-related injuries for U.S. employees traveling on business outside of the United States, subject to the applicability of any state workers compensation statutory requirements. Pays for items such as medical bills and lost wages necessary to make your employee whole.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment – Non-Occupational Injury

Medical Benefits for injury or illness sustained outside of the scope of work. Pays for things like emergency room visits, doctor’s appointments, and x-rays.  A Foreign General Liability policy can provide Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits and non- occupational medical expense coverage. Coupling our AD&D/Medical Expense and Employer’s Responsibility coverage parts provides true 24-hour protection for international travelers.

Executive Assistance Services – Trip Travel

A worldwide network of emergency response professionals available to respond 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to any urgent medical or travel needs. Services include medical flights, repatriation, and emergency document replacement.

What’s the Risk?

☐ Sickness, Injury or Death (occupational or non-occupational injury/illness)

☐ Kidnapping, Property Damage, Cargo Theft, Extortion

☐ Injury, Imprisonment, or Fines from Car Accident(s)/Violations

☐ Theft or Loss of Documents

☐ General Liability Exposure-Bodily Injury, Products Liability, Premises Damage

What’s the Solution? One policy including:

☐ Foreign Commercial General Liability

☐ Foreign Auto Liability

☐ ForeignVoluntary Workers Compensation & Employers Liability

☐ Travel Accident & Sickness

☐ Real & Personal Property Insurance

☐ Kidnap/Ransom & Extortion

☐ Marine Cargo

☐ Political Risk

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you are at risk for exposure and you need Foreign General Liability Insurance.

▪ Do you live overseas?

▪ Do you have staff on international assignment?

▪ Do you have overseas operations/sales?

▪ Do you work on military bases abroad?

▪ Do you have facilities overseas?

▪ Do you rent or own vehicles overseas?

▪ Do you exhibit or participate in trade shows overseas?

If as you read this felt that your organization, school/university, nonprofit, company, family, or you as an individual need to explore this further then don’t wait. As a specialist in international insurance, global mobility, and travel risk management I am here to serve you.


Andrew Jernigan, Expatriate Specialist: Insurance/Benefits

Andrew is a licensed insurance broker in property, casualty, health, accident. life and travel lines and is the CEO of Insured Nomads. Learn more about him, click here to read more.

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