The International Breakfast…Foods We Miss

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Some 17 years ago when I was hosting a group of Americans in Brazil it was told to me that one of the members of the group remarked to another that they cannot wait to get eat a traditional American breakfast and when asked what that was the responded with ‘cereal’. They were staying in a hotel providing a wide assortment of in-house made bread, pastries, cakes, alongside meats and cheeses, with fresh fruit cut and whole.

What you miss from home will vary from one person and location to another.

Video: How to make pão de queijo 🇧🇷

If you have children that long for oatmeal/porridge you are rare, yet it could just be for their favorite cereal.🇺🇸

🇺🇸 Americans: Ranch dressing, peanut butter, syrup, pancakes

🇧🇷 Brazilians: Pão de Queijo, Requeijão, Mango, goiabada, and beyod breakfast….cachaça, Linguiça (sausage)

🇬🇧 British: Marmite, Cadbury, Heinz Baked Beans (at breakfast)….cider, Guinness

🇳🇱 Dutch: hagelslag (chocolate cake decoration sprinkles), peanut butter, cheese

🇮🇳 Indians: Idli Sambar, Soan papdi, chaat

Globalization has not yet managed to homogenize taste buds.

What do you miss most at breakfast time? Let us know the comments below (and remember to add your country).





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