Remote Working…the Digital Nomad movement

Digital Nomads Remote Working

The fever to work remote/virtual has become a global movement. Working away from an office – on the road, at home, a hotel/AirBNB, and from other countries is now possible for many individuals and even families.

You may be dreaming of how to leave the confines of your office and launch a new career or find a job within your occupation that will give you the freedom to travel or relocate. If you have already landed the new position or have created it over time and are embarking on new levels of cross-border living then you will find that many of the articles, resources, and services offered throughout will give you cost-savings and ideas that will empower you.

What are you passionate about doing? Do you have knowledge or experience in an area that could be sharpened through a course/certification? Is there an experience where you gained knowledge that you can share? Launching an online business using the niche that just 💭 occurred to you when the lightbulb💡 went off could be a way that could provide recurring revenue to fund a digit nomad lifestyle. 

Online Authoring

If you are currently or can become an ambassador/expert/advisor on a city/region/country or multiple places, then creating and developing travel blogs can be a very successful venture (recommended course link). Any time of writing for revenue needs to include affiliate marketing whether in stealth mode or obvious to readers.

The Wealthy Affiliate course has a free version or Premium (totally worth it). The FREE ten lesson Online Entrepreneur Certification is a simple, effective and easy video and text-based learning system that will profit you quickly. Free site builder, theme, niche research tools, and community for assistance that is able to help you earn within your first week. It’s not a ‘get-rich-quick’ program but it is a system that will empower you to make significant money if you follow it (and free).

Early on, get a free VPN or low-cost VPN to protect your information and enable free access to sites you rely on.

Traditional Work

Finding a role that will let you work from home could be as simple as working for Automattic since their complete workforce is working from the location of their choosing. Sourcing that role that will allow you to select your desk space could be from resources such as Working Nomads or Remote OK which are focussed on the virtual roles available.


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