Snow sports while traveling…plan for protection

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Snow – what fun it is! While sipping drinks by the fireplace and enjoying the winter wonderland can make for a fun adventure, it does not take much to become a cold weather catastrophe.

Did you know that injury rates in the Australian snowfields can range anywhere between 1.5 and 3.9 injuries per 1000 visitor days? Where we might not be able to stop you falling on the slopes, but we can help you get the right protection in place for your next winter holiday.Nomatic Life on the Move

There are two aspects of your trip that you should consider, travel insurance and travel assistance. The majority of travel insurance policies have restrictions on winter sports activities, but getting a policy that does not exclude your activities, adding a winter sports package or taking out a specific ski policy with an insurer means that you can rest knowing that living overseas where you enjoy the snow, or if it is a temporary go into ski country…you are protected.

First, carefully consider getting a crisis assistance membership plan through MedJet, Global Rescue or FocusPoint Int’l. These will give you the peace of mind that a rescue is covered if needed, and that you are taken to a hospital that you trust rather than the one the insurance company selects.

The Atlas Premium plan from Tokio HCC Medical is a robust plan for trips outside your home country that includes ski and snow sports (non-professional and supervised). If you are Canadian, then consider the First Allied travel insurance plan as it even includes the CAP+ plan from FocusPoint Int’l that was mentioned earlier.

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