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by Francois du Toit, Expatriate Specialist: Insurance

Are you in that awkward position of having been gone from the US and are returning for a visit?

If you have been in this nomadic lifestyle and no longer call the USA home but are a citizen of the United States and need to come back for a visit then you certainly need to have medical coverage in place while you are in the country. Most travel insurance plans are for travel outside your home country, but there is hope.

It depends on the length of time that you will be visiting the US, it may be more advantageous to get a traditional health plan in place or get a short-term medical policy.

If you are wanting a travel policy, as an American citizen, then the recommended options are below. Click the logo to generate a quote and purchase online.

Patriot America




Diplomat America




Need an annual expat/int’l health plan, schedule a consult, click here.

It is crucial that your residential address on the applications be an address outside the United States. On the Diplomat America plan, you may not be staying in a residence that you own.

If you prefer viewing a PDF of the application and brochure, then click here for the IMG Patriot Travel.

Now, if you would prefer a short-term medical plan, the UnitedHealthcare One plan offers a strong product and financially solid backing. Coverage and availability for each plan may vary by state. No coverage is available for the states of New Mexico or Georgia. Some of the perks you will find with UnitedHealthOne include:

  • Claims Processing: A majority of claims are processed within 10 working days or less
  • Deductible Credit: For renewable health insurance plans, you can increase your deductible for up to 50%.
  • Preventative Care: 100% coverage for preventative care with no deductible requirement
  • Provider Network: large provider care network with savings for in-network providers of up to 50%
  • Dependent Coverage: Coverage for children up to age 26
  • Specialized Care: No referrals required when for required specialist care

If you prefer, let’s chat about the options. The benefit of having a broker assist is that if you need help during the claims process you have an added layer of service.


Francois du Toit, Expatriate Specialist: Insurance/Benefits

Francois has been serving global citizens for many years with travel insurance and international health policies. Originally from South Africa, but with a heart in France, and quite frequently found spending extensive time in yet another country. Click here to read more.

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