Worldschooling: A New Breed of Expat

Children Travel Worldschool

The rise of popularity in un-schooling, homeschooling or traveling the planet with your students (your own kids) as worldschooling has made a comeback. National High School A ‘come-back’ you say? Yes, it’s a return to the original form of interactive education.

What Subjects Will They Learn?





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An article in The Guardian (UK) is worth the read “The rise of travelling families and world schooling“, as well as this post with a tongue-in-cheek title “10 Ways Worldschooling Has Ruined My Life“.

Sure, not everyone is the home-school mom or dad. Some of you may want to blend curriculum with un-schooling. National High School and American High School might just be an excellent choice for the one child that thrives at their computer or iPad following along with a group or lecture.




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